Planting A Seed

Words by: Scotty Stoughton

Where is our water? Where is our community? Are we ready to dissolve the illusion of social media, politics and drama? We don’t take anything for granted in this life, and my team knows what our collective mission is. We are here to create opportunities to gather in the most beautiful spaces, with the highest of environmental and community building ethics. Yes, the party is crucial to unwind and feel all the senses of the moment, but our energy can be focused in a larger manner, one that inspires us when we leave the gathering. I am hopeful that we can set the example by toasting each other and all our perspectives, to listen and empathize with each other and show our children that anger and fear have no place in the evolution of humanity.

I don’t know what will happen this fall, but we have been cultivating an idea for more that 18 months. Either way, we are proud to dig in the dirt, roll up our sleeves and just keep driving with passion.



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