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We create simple and authentic community gatherings for the adventurous spirit, concentrating on quality of the experience over quantity of attendees – cultivating a community of people who may inspire one another beyond our events.

We believe in the gatherings we create, prioritizing opportunities that draw us into their foundation and contribute to our adventurous lifestyle and environmentally conscious ideals. We work to welcome the community – the vendors, the artists the attendees – into our framework as partners on the journey with the intention of enhancing its existing beauty and bringing the sunlight to their garden with love, honesty, and authenticity.  

Our love of PADDLING and exploring rivers inspires us to PRODUCE sustainably fulfilling events where we all have a chance to PLAY!

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“To create simple and authentic community gatherings for the adventurous spirit, concentrating on quality of the experience over quantity of attendees with a focus on dedicated artists, sustainability, locally sourced products, and support of non profits”


We see true connection as a spark of art, a catalyst for inspiration and we seek to create platforms for this kind of authentic communication and connection to happen. We all have a longing for connection, a need to cut through social, political or psychological barriers and come back to our roots.

We aim to cultivate and nurture the relationship between nature, authentic music, and communal family, creating a vehicle for inspiration. When we come together with open hearts and open minds, bringing all of our differences and unique opinions, we begin to dissolve the illusion of separation from one another. Our intention is to create a platform for artists, vendors, attendees, and our planet to unite as one – connecting the tribe.



We are constantly, unknowingly blinded by material items and Western stress—largely due to the unyielding pressure of technology. When we come as we are and open ourselves up to the possibilities that arise when nature, music, and community come together, we slowly begin to shed the materialistic layers accumulated from modern society and feel the harmony.

“Simplicity is the peak of civilization.” Leading a simple life means focusing on quality over quantity, eliminating the clutter, trading chaos for peace, and freeing your time to do the things that are most important to you. Give it away, don’t buy it, unwind the material layers, and get back to the roots.


How do we honor and respect our planet while simultaneously celebrating our connection with it? We promote the notion that no deed, donation or effort is too small. Through collective and consistent efforts, ripples are created which gain momentum over time. We are committed to aligning all our events with local and global non-profits focusing on the environmental crisis, musical education and global disaster response.

Our festivals and events prioritize sustainability and leanness by doing more with less; creating less waste of space, material, and energy and embracing the human aspect of simplicity in everyday life. We are committed to green efforts through all of our festivals and events – the aim always to have a positive ecological impact and use our efforts as an educational platform to inspire others to decrease their own footprint.


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