Produce. Paddle. Play. All Events


We create simple and authentic community gatherings for the adventurous spirit, concentrating on the quality of the experience over the quantity of attendees – cultivating a community of people who may inspire one another beyond our events.


We see a true connection as a spark of art, a catalyst for inspiration and we seek to create platforms for this kind of authentic communication and connection to happen. We all have a longing for connection, a need to cut through barriers and come back to our roots.


We are constantly, unknowingly blinded by material items and stress—largely due to the unyielding pressure of technology. When we come as we are and open ourselves up to the possibilities that arise when nature, music, and community come together, we slowly begin to shed the materialistic layers and return to harmony.


How do we honor and respect our planet while simultaneously celebrating our connection with it? We promote the notion that no deed, donation, or effort is too small. Through collective and consistent efforts, ripples are created which gain momentum over time. We are committed to aligning all our events with local and global non-profits focusing on the environmental crisis, musical education, and global disaster response.

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