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At the heart of all his endeavors, Scotty Stoughton is an artist. He lives and breathes music and the world that holds its sound waves. Onstage as front man with Bonfire Dub or behind the scenes producing his many festivals and events, including WinterWonderGrass and Campout for the Cause, Stoughton values music as more than a platform where rhythm meets beat. For him, it’s an expression that sets the stage for a life worth living, a vision worth having and a dream worth creating. Stoughton’s production company, Bonfire Entertainment, puts a spotlight on community and interpersonal connection, as well as the overall impact we have on the environment. Stoughton finds solace and inspiration in the natural world, especially on the water, and is the co-founder of Stand Up Paddle Colorado. His support of international non-profit organizations, along with local involvement through community events, always keeps his hands moving quickly without ever losing the beat.



The concept of Bonfire Entertainment was founded by Scotty Stoughton in 1999, originally labeled 30th Street Productions. Over time, the production company has expanded and evolved from its inception in the mountains of central Colorado, home for Stoughton since 1993. A native New Jerseyite, Stoughton left the east coast at 23 and headed west. As a true entrepreneurial and creative spirit, he has continued to develop inspired ideas, putting in the work to set his visions in motion.
Stoughton’s passions are rooted in community, and through his endeavors, he is always aiming to ask the questions: how can I help, how can I connect, how can I inspire, how can I empower? He has managed to link his wide array of passions — community, music, nature, travel, people — and connect them through his role as a producer. Stoughton contributes a genuine and authentic role in an industry that is often tainted with ego and materialism, and he makes it a priority to produce festivals and events that are deeply authentic to community-driven, highlighting art, physical expression, and environmental awareness.



Originally a surfer from the coast of New Jersey, Scotty Stoughton co-founded Stand Up Paddle Colorado in 2010, and has spent the last four summers logging hundreds of days and miles on the rivers of Colorado. SUPCo has expanded to incorporate Rancho del Rio on the Colorado River, Nottingham Lake in Avon, and Lake Dillon in Summit County.

This sport offers so much solace to Stoughton and his often intense lifestyle. As an artist, entrepreneur and thriving human being, it is absolutely essential for Stoughton’s spirit and his way of life. His passion for river paddling stems from the fact that it not only offers a challenging and energizing workout, but you get to be introspective, fueling your spirit with moments of stillness in the midst of everyday chaos. It offers a sense of challenge, insane adventure, and a feeling of personal achievement, bringing you back to the present and reminding you of your core, authentic human self, rooted in simplicity.
In 2016, Stoughton and SUPCo partner, Javier Placer, completed a 21-day paddling expedition through the Grand Canyon, and in 2017 SUPCo acquired Adrift Adventures in Jensen, Utah. This addition has been an exciting investment for Stoughton, rejuvenating his love for the sport and reigniting the belief that true magic happens when you open yourself up to nature, peel off the layers and step into the flow.



Scotty Stoughton is the lyricist and singer for Bonfire Dub. The Colorado-born band is nine years old and has continued to evolve through contributing musicians and diverse sound.

Bonfire Dub’s first record, “Search,” included a combination of DJ beats and acoustic melodies. Almost a decade later, the group is now sharing lyric-driven reggae rock. Bonfire Dub has recently added drummer Mark Levy, and welcomed Bridget Law of Elephant Revival as a part-time player and full-time family member, coalescing divine feminine and sweet violin sound.

Bonfire Dub’s lyrical repertoire stems from Scotty’s experience as a traveler, drawn to deep cultures and forgotten places. Many songs are inspired by eastern philosophy, indigenous struggles, political injustice, international relief efforts and a deep respect for the soul of love and the balance of nature.

As Law has described, Stoughton’s lyrics are “wisely woven stories, poetry and meaningful messages that folks can relate to and the musicians are behind them with hearts and souls.”

Through his music, Stoughton has wanted to create a space where everyone could be free — himself, his band members, the listeners. Where community is created through the music, while still being politically minded, travel inspired, environmentally aware and a generous expression of love.

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