Renewal Volunteers


Requirements, Terms, and Conditions: 

  • Volunteers will be asked to complete 8 hours of work in exchange for a 2-night wristband.
  • General Admission camping will be provided to all volunteers.
  • All volunteers will receive complementary Bonfire Entertainment schwag as a thank you for their efforts.
  • A $240 refundable ticket purchase is required to participate. Upon completion of your shift, we will refund the entire purchase price.
  • All volunteers are required to complete an application to be considered for shifts.
  • Once you will are assigned your shifts, you will be asked to complete a liability waiver, you will receive your refundable ticket link, and we ask that you participate in an online — zoom training. Dates and timing of training are TBD. 


  • Be Happy
  • Be on time for your shifts
  • Be accountable for your responsibilities
  • Be Sober
  • Help encourage “Leave No Trace” with your fellow festival-goers


PLEASE NOTE: While we are unable to guarantee positions, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

  • Box office (experience preferred): Work with our box office team to answer any questions related to ticketing and guest services. Responsibilities can include, unpacking tasting cups, guiding guests in the right direction, and basic customer service.
  • Front Gate, and Greeters: Be one of the first to say hello as guests arrive to the venue. Responsibilities can include, guiding guests in the right direction, passing out cups, wristbanding, and assisting the front gate team to ensure safe and orderly, entrance and exit. You may be asked to stand for long periods of time 2+ hrs.
  • Green Team/Sustainability: (must be able to lift over 30 lbs) At Bonfire Entertainment, Leave No Trace is paramount to what we do. Help us by maintaining the cleanliness & sustainability of the festival. Job responsibilities can include, guest sustainability education, trashing picking, and sorting of trash, recyclable, and compostable material. You may be asked to stand for long periods of time 2+ hrs.
  • Kids Zone: We welcome even the wee little ones, at our shows, Help us entertain the future of music lovers by helping in this fun-filled environment. Job responsibilities can include, playing games, face painting, and assisting with clean up of this zone. Youth experience preferred.
  • Late Night: Are you a night owl? Then this position is for you! Our team needs help in various areas after hours. Job responsibilities can include, working late night box office for our after-hours shows, and assisting in our late-night transportation. You may be asked to stand for long periods of time 2+ hrs.
  • Merchandise/Sales: (experience preferred) help US help YOU LOOK GOOD! Our merchandise team curates ands sell all festival schwag. Job responsibilities can include, setting up and breakdown of tents, merch sales, and customer service. You may be asked to stand for long periods of time 2+ hrs.
  • Parking: Parking a single car doesn’t need much space…But parking 1000 cars, now that requires A LOT. (get it?!) Much like our front gate team, you will be one of the first to say hello and goodbye as guests arrive and depart the venue. Job responsibilities can include, guiding guests in the right direction and basic customer service. You may be asked to stand for long periods of time 2+ hrs.
  • Pre & Post shifts: It takes a hardworking village to create our events, these team members will assist our operations crew in helping with festival set-up & breakdown. Job responsibilities can include, interior tent setup, basic building and demolition, venue decor, lifting and moving, and MORE. (must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs and sustain a manually laborious day on your feet)
  • VIP: (experience preferred) helps us curate an elevated festival experience. Our VIP team creates an elevated “vibe” and you can too! Job responsibilities can include, setting up and breakdown of the tent, table bussing, and customer service. You may be asked to stand for long periods of time 2+ hrs.

For all additional questions, please contact Volunteer Coordinators, Nina Waters and Sara Moravec at

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the age requirement to work?

All participants must be 18 years old to apply.

How much time must a participant commit?

All will be required to work an average minimum of eight (8) hours throughout the event. Different requirements may apply to special positions available in Pre or Post Festival work, that are opt-in only.

What are the perks of participating?

A 2-day Renewal festival pass. Special Limited Bonfire Entertainment schwag (supplies limited), and an amazing behind-the-scenes experience.


STEP 1: Complete your application.

Renewal Application 

This information will be used to assign your work shifts. We will aim to ensure all schedule and work assignment requests will be honored.

STEP 2: Purchase your Reimbursable Ticket

Once your application is complete we will process your application and assign your shifts. You will be sent a link to purchase your reimbursable ticket. We stress that this ticket should not be a barrier to working with us. Please let us know in your application, and we will be happy to make allowances on a case-by-case basis.

Your shifts will not be confirmed until you have made the reimbursable ticket purchase or other arrangements.  The worker reimbursable ticket is insurance that a work position has been reserved, and is 100% refundable.

STEP 3: We will send you a confirmation email for your shifts

Once accepted, you will be responsible for attending your work shift. If you cannot attend for any reason please inform us, ( and we will be happy to work with you and your circumstances.


What fees are associated?

A reimbursable ticket cost $240.00

The reimbursable ticket cost is completely reimbursable to those workers that complete all assigned shifts and are in good standing with event and program rules.

Will refundable tickets sell out?

Once all positions are filled, reimbursable tickets will sell out and applications will close. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Credit Cards are the only form of payment accepted.

Can a purchased ticket be used in place of a reimbursable ticket?

Renewal tickets cannot be refunded. But if you have purchased a Renewal ticket, and would now like to work along with us, please utilize our Fan to Fan via Lytee to release your ticket to our official marketplace.

Can the work shifts be canceled?

Yes, but please note that fees may apply. Cancelling MUST be completed by the participant, by contacting us directly. (   


Can friends work together?

Please note in your application that you would like to work alongside a friend. We will make every effort to honor all requests.*

*Please note that it may not be possible to work in the same department or at the same position post, but shift times will be similar so that free time is similar, and friends can enjoy time off together.

Can I be guaranteed a specific work department?

We cannot guarantee specific assignments. However, based on previous performance at Bonfire Events, this will help us determine a good fit for you.

When are schedules released?

We will aim to release your work schedule within 2 months of the event.

Is water or food provided while on shift?

Water stations will be available throughout the festival – food will not. Make sure to eat before your shift.  No breaks for meals are provided during shifts. Feel free to bring snacks to matin the best attitude during your shift.

What should workers bring to each shift?

Bring water and snacks. Sunscreen and or hats. Participants should wear comfortable shoes or boots. No open-toed shoes will be allowed for pre/post-festival shifts. 

Why may someone NOT receive a worker ticket refund?

Failing to adhere to the event code of conduct.

  • Any misconduct that would get a participant fired from their work position, such as stealing, lying, inappropriate behavior, etc.
  • Appearing intoxicated while on shift, on legal or illegal substances.
  • Consuming legal or illegal intoxicating substances during shift (alcohol, marijuana, etc), or prior to shifting.
  • Failing to report to work.
  • Disrespectful or insubordinate behavior to event staff.
  • Bonfire Entertainment reserves the right to remove a participant from the event site and/or retain the reimbursable ticket for other reasons not listed above, at the sole discretion of the event.  Please follow our motto, GIVE RESPECT, GET RESPECT, be nice, and show a good attitude to avoid issues.

What if I have any additional questions?

All questions in regards to volunteers can be sent to volunteer coordinators, Nina Waters or Sara Moravec at

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