The Secret Ingredients of WWG

I’m often asked why did you create WinterWonderGrass, why did you pick the locations you did, what makes it so special, how do you do it? So here I’ll try to address some of these recurring questions and attempt to identify the special sauce of WWG. This is tough because as a driven entrepreneur, often more passionate about an abstract creative vision that the foundational plans to success, the specific reasons for progress are often found in the intangible.

More than anything I believe the success of WinterWonderGrass is due to bringing together artists, fans, family and communities that share a passion for authentic experiences. I’ve been in the music business for over 20 years as a performer, promoter, producer, van driver, gear hauler, songwriter and everything in between, always dedicated to following an inner passion for bringing people together. Over the years and after evaluating many of the productions I’ve been involved with, I decided more intention needed to come into the creation of musical gatherings. I became less absorbed by any one band, artist, brand, beer or location and more interested in the story behind each potential component. I don’t care about the latest trend, best energy drink or latest spirit, rather I feel I have an obligation to curate ingredients (people) who stand for the truth.

Sounds simple, but in these times some people are more interested in flash than substance, for a chance to party and let loose without accountability . While we love the party, we believe it’s time to inspire the gathering with thoughtful components like local foods, brands with similar missions and an altruistic goal, bands that lead by example and walk the talk. It’s time to build community, drop the ego and celebrate the life we’re so blessed to experience, and if you go home leaving better and more connected than when you arrived, we have succeeded.

We are a journey, not a destination. We want to be the first festival you bring your kids to. We want to be viewed as industry leaders in sustainability, community outreach, non profit support and production quality. More than anything else we will acknowledge the privilege we have been born into and work to galvanize a more conscious community.

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